Coded UI- you may have heard it already, but do you understand its functions and importance?

Well, fret no more! Welcome to, a website aiming to educate people about Microsoft's project, CodedUI.

First of all, what is CodedUI?

It is described as an integrated part of Microsoft Visual Studio Premium and Ultimate. Following the ranks of IBM Rational Functional Tester and HP QuickTest Professional, CodedUI is designed to help developers with their automated testing process.

Basically, the way CodedUI works is simple and can be divided into the following:

  • UIMap.uitest - Here, you can find an XML version of all UIMap class that you'll need, such as methods, actions, windows, controls, assertions and properties.
  • UIMap.designer.vb - When interactions or objects are included to the UIMap, it generates a code view of the map, which can be found here in the UIMap.designer.vb file.
  • CodedUITest1.vb - This file contains all CodedUI components, such as method/assertion invocation and test class.